Clerk’s Office




The Lordstown Clerk’s office is located at 1455 Salt Springs Road, Lordstown Ohio, on the second floor of the administration building. You can reach the office by telephone at 330-824-2507. The office is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, except for holidays. Along with the Clerk’s office, the Tax Office, and Water Department office are also located on the second floor and residents can obtain assistance by going to the public window.

At the Clerk’s office you can purchase stamps, have faxes sent, have copies made, rent park pavilions, rent the Village Community Room, pay your water bills, obtain solicitation permits, purchase cemetery lots, and a host of other services.

There is a notary public on staff who will notarize documents for a cash fee. To make an appointment to see the notary, please call 330-824-2489.

The Village of Lordstown will be no longer be renting tables and chairs.

The following services are available by cash, check or money order ONLY. We cannot accept credit cards.

  • Record requests are done through the Clerk’s office. For example, if you need a copy of records from previous public meetings, that you cannot find on this website under the meetings tab, or any other records you might require, complete the form below and submit it to the Village Clerk. There is a fee per page for copies of documents or other information requested.

Form:  Application for Records Request

  • Stamps are sold for the same cost that you would pay at the Post Office. A book of 20 stamps is $12.00. Exact cash/change is very appreciated.
  • Faxes are 75¢ per page.
  • Copies are 10¢ per page for black & white, 15¢ per page for color.
  • Park pavilions can be rented for $60.00. You must be a Lordstown resident or Lordstown Organization to rent the park pavilions.
  • The Village Community Room can be rented for $200 to Lordstown residents. An additional $50 deposit will be returned upon confirmation that the room is clean and no damage was done.
  • The Village Community Room can be rented for $400 to non-Lordstown residents. An additional $100 deposit will be returned upon confirmation that the room is clean and no damage was done.


Lordstown Codified Ordinance 711 requires all solicitors and peddlers coming into the Village of Lordstown (including food trucks that wish to operate within the Village) to obtain a Solicitors Permit.  Code Section 711 is attached below. The Application for Solicitors Permit can be printed from the link below, filled out, and brought to the Clerk’s office to be reviewed and processed.

Forms:   Solicitation Permit Instructions                                        Solicitation Application


Extra copies of the Lordstown Courier newsletter, meeting notices, and current events are posted or made available in the elevator lobby, and here on the website under news.

If you are applying for any employment position with the Village of Lordstown, either full, part-time or seasonal, you may provide your completed application to the Clerk’s office or complete the online fillable .pdf application which is located on the home page near the bottom left. All current job postings are listed under Village News on this website.

Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month, with Caucus beginning at 6:00 PM.   If the first or third Monday is a holiday, the meeting will be held on the following Tuesday. For a full list of Council meeting dates please check on the Agenda and Minutes page. Please watch your local newspapers and check our calendar here on the website, for individual committee meetings and any meeting changes.