Police Department

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Our History


The Lordstown Police Department


During the first months of 1977, the newly formed Lordstown Village Council passed an ordinance to start a village police department. Prior to this, Lordstown was patrolled under contract between the Trumbull County Sheriff and the Lordstown township trustees. This patrol included one permanent car stationed in the township.

On February 9, 1977 the Lordstown council named Malcolm Kibler, a lifelong resident of Lordstown and former Trumbull County Deputy Sheriff, Police Chief. Chief Kibler was chosen from a pool of 33 applicants to head the newly formed department. Lordstown council members then met on March 7, 1977 to pass ordinances creating police positions. Council created six full-time deputy positions in addition to the chief’s position; they also established an auxiliary unit, creating ten auxiliary positions. Council also created four full time officers in the department. The first auxiliary officers appointed in Lordstown were Lyle Almburg, Robert Barnett, Donald Davey, Joseph Kapcsos, Wesley Kreske, Lynn Manes, Kenneth Orr, and Gerald Usselman.

From March of 1977 until September of 1986 the Lordstown Police Department operated in what are now the offices of the village road department. In October of 1985 ground was broke for the new police station, which was completed in July of 1986 and officially opened on September 5, 1986.

In June of 1986 Chief Malcolm Kibler retired from the force, William Penny replaced him as interim chief. Chief Penny served until June of 1986, at which time council hired William Catlin as the permanent replacement for the chief’s position. Chief Catlin, previously a 16 year veteran of the Niles Police Department took over the head position on June 26, 1986.

Chief William Catlin retired on March 2nd, 2003, after serving as Chief of Police for the village of Lordstown for almost seventeen years.

On March 2nd, 2003, Brent Milhoan was named interim chief until a permanent replacement could be named. On June 16, 2003 after an assessment test was given by the Ohio Chief’s Association, Brent Milhoan was named Chief of Police.

The Lordstown Village Police Department currently operates with 9 full time officers, 1 school resource officer and 6 part time (auxiliary) officers. The department also has 4 full time dispatchers and 4 part time dispatchers who provide police, fire and EMS dispatching services for Lordstown Village and Warren Township.

The Lordstown Village Police Department remains dedicated to its residents by providing quality service protection now, as well as in the future.