Historical Society

The Lordstown Historical Society’s one room School House Museum, located at the corner of Salt Springs Road and Tod Avenue; is open to the public. There are no set hours, but if you would like to make arrangements to tour the museum you may call 330-824-2116.

The Society has a table, inside the museum, we just would like to have it removed there would be no charge for the table. It is an antique and made of mahogany, please call the number above to see the table or for more information.

Members of the historical society will be at the Apple Cider Festival. Our table will be located inside the elementary school, where the craft show is held.  We will have yearbooks and pictures of the from Lordstown’s past, on display. We will also have available handouts with the history of Lordstown Village and Lordstown Schools.

Hope to see you there!

If you have an event in the Village you would like to be posted here. Please call 330-824-2510