Village News

Village News


Drug Disposal Drop Box: The Lordstown Police Department will no longer be accepting, unused and outdated prescription medications. They are still collecting at CVS in Niles at, Route 422 and Niles Cortland Road.



We would like to remind all residents of the Village codes which apply to signs. Whether they are real estate signs, political signs, membership signs, garage sale signs, party location signs, agricultural produce signs, or any other temporary signs along the roadway.

  1. Signs are not permitted in the road right of way. Signs may not be closer to the road than the telephone poles, which normally are a good guide to mark the road right of way.
  2. NO signs are permitted on any utility poles or trees.
  3. Property owners must give permission to have a sign posted on their property. This applies to both developed and undeveloped (vacant) properties.

Signs found to be in violation will be removed and/or the property owners will be notified so they may correct the violation.



The Village of Lordstown and the United States Postal Service request that all homes display their address numbers on their mailboxes.

It is recommended that the house numbers on a mailbox be:

  • 2 to 4 inches tall
  • Reflective to increase night or evening visibility
  • Have contrasting colors for the numbers and the mailbox
  • Place mailbox numbers on both sides of the mailbox
  • Replace any missing or faded numbers without delay
  • If your mailbox is not on the same street where you live, please put your house number and street name on your mailbox

Your Address number can be a matter of life and death, as house numbers greatly assist fire-fighters, paramedics, and police officers to arrive quickly in times of an emergency. Fires, crimes, accidents, or other health issues in your home require the immediate arrival of emergency workers. In addition to emergency worker, utility companies, delivery drivers, government services, and visitors will be able to locate your home quicker and more accurately to provide services and deliveries.